Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rojak sedap,TAPI..

rojak buah..huih..sedappnyeRrr..
(gambar sini)
Rojak buah.It is well known cuisine especially at the northen of Malaysia.Well mixed of varitey of fruits which some are forbidden by your mom during young age(hey,i'm still young too).It may differ from one culture to another,still it is enticingly mixed of tropical of fruits.Some may add sour-unripped mangoes,timun(apa ek dlm English?),pinepapples,guava or even peaches(heh,this surely freshly comes from packed tin eh!)Together with its sweet-spicy-delightning-belacanese aroma sauce and dash of bijan(again,ape ek dlm English),I bet no one wouldn't like it!Oh,yup.some people add belacan to the sauce make it more delicious and tackle ur sense of smell too.You may arrogantly said u're anti-belacan because of its smell or bad taste without realizing it is already inside ur rojak buah.hwa3.

Okok...I'm not  interested to write about rojak buah wholefully.I know you know better :p.Few days before,I popped over a blog(can't rmember the site:/) talking about recent group of Nasyid's team in Malaysia which I would like to share to all of you.

Did u realize Nasyid's team nowadays are as too many clouds to see?

And did u realize what is their name then??

Ok,u name it.I won't mention it here.

Most of them(not all) are named after a mix of words from diferent language or easy say ''bahasa rojak''.SO that in Malay language it means this..while in English it brings diferent meaning..and maybe in Urdu it is....(no offense please)

Just look at Nasyid' teams before which budding in early 90's if i'm not mistaken which most of their song in vogue till now.Rabbani,Raihan and Hijjaz.

So did they get their names from...

Ray hunt=memburu cahaya

Rob bunny=Tuhan arnab

He just=Allah sahaja


Rabbani=seseorang yang mendidik manusia dari tingkat asas ke tingkat seterusnya

Raihan=wangian dan haruman syurga

Hijjaz=i can't find any but sure it would be a good one ^^,

These what i've searched in internet,but for sure they means more.

Name rojak sounds good some times yet how can one interpret the meaning when it is brings different meaning in different languages.RAIHAN,RABBANI & HIJJAZ are just a word yet together with their efforts on dakwa through the songs ,people love them.The way they are.An identity is a crucial affair, is not necessary to create a sophisticated or hard-to-define-name to be one.Just strive for what u've set up for.=)

My favourite from Raihan,Peristiwa Subuh.

>belacanese,i know it is broken :/,nak katenyer ada bau2 belacan..hehe
>i know my bhse also is kinda rojak n broken here n there...i'm learning.Kindly correct my grammar as I will kindly accept it too.=)
>first time in my  life answering the MCQ question using pen.Have u?Use your 2B pencil or the machine can't read it.(><)'''''tetttttt...


  1. 'Bijan' in english called sesame/sesame seed

    More info here

    *Alexandria University used high tech 'Marking Machines' which will only work if you use pen not pencil* LOL ROFL LMAO PDF PPT XML DOC EXE..

    Next physiology exam also will also do the same,answer with your pen not pencil.

  2. hahaha. ape lah madi.

    terkejut kami bace bahasa rojak tu.


  3. hmmm...

    kinah,dop pahe mung ghoyak gapo??


  4. salam,
    @ctmardiah: mung orghe ganu ko?