Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indahnya memori

Those laughs and  hard memories keep intermingling in my mind,
Those which I'll always remembered,
To be omitted NOT,
To be forgotten NOT,
neither to be deleted.
I kept it,in a special place,keep it alive
Because I appreciate much our friendship,
Yes,I appreciate it.
U taught me a lot
Lots of things I couldn;t care less,
If only U know.

Hoping the dark day will pass
While the sunshine will arise,bloomed out the flowers
If only U know,I couldn't care less....
Hoping there is a magic world to reach upon you,
Yet I'm failed
Seems there is no other than

*I'm not trying to be poetic here,but for sure,I really means each single word above.To be is to do,still, I'm failed,again 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Musim exam


Si budak yang rajin study ^^,

khusyuk betoll die neh...

oPPSss...dia da perasan...

aikk!!(  )"...da penat la tu..

Da x pandang buku teros..hak3
I bet anyone would be the same at the end like the litlle chubby kid above.Anyone??Ok,maybe I'm the only one.T_T.
Starting from this week,I am entering a student must can't avoid marathon season, exam season.Again, anyone in??yok2..
Okay,am still revising.Tomorrow will be the exam day,still get one book unfinished.Pathology it is,PERFECTO!
Haven't start another round the tours for all the 4 subjects..ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, HISTOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY.More PERFECTO!!
Okla,jom study!BERUSAHA!!