Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sentiasa datang xpernah pergi

Alhamdulillah,just ending all my pratical exams of sem 5 today.Seems time flies so fast even I can still recall each moments holding my tears the last time waving  my family at KLIA.
Till this time,I learn that

1)Do ur best then Allah will do the rest(sound noob :D) is not neessary u get what u want at the mean time.Allah will blessed u later(maybe months or even years)or maybe in other way around.Trust me,it is for good indeed!

2)Pengharapan kepada manusia ,kecewa pengakhirannya.Bergantung kepada Allah, kebahagiaan dan kemanisan terasa padanya.Kita selalu berharap pada manusia utk memahami diri kita,utk rasa selesa dgn kita,utk sentiasa bersama-sama,tapi pengakhiranya diri kita yg akn kecewa.Tapi bila berbalik hati kita kepadaNya,hati kita bagai diusap dipujuk that He is always there for us.

Still on learning n improving myself on both.

Okay,back on my that so called medically-nerdy-student-life..right now I'm on my study leave(betol ke cmni) which is for 4 days.Will be sitting for my final starting from 10th till 30th January for all 10subject learnt this semester which revolve around of head n neck,central nervous system and special sense.As always hoping to pass all with flying colours.

Click play button down here.Video made by myself on the 2nd last day of practical examination.
Tune in! ^^,

May batch of doctors of 2014 blessed in healthy and safe throughout this exam's season!
and to all of course :D

Ciri2 org Asia(klik) disuspek sbg org yg bertanggungjawab dlm kes bom di Alex tempoh hari.Maka,rakan2 ku sekalian sila berhati-hati di jalanan.Show ur truly Asian.Jgn lupa bwk kerneh ataupun salinan passport.

Thanks for reading!


  1. bittaufiq,do the best,Allah will do the rest

    nice video =)

    p/s: baru nk tunjuk bakat slpas kena rekrut?

  2. maksudnya? :D

    baru nk publish video?

    selepas bakal jd ________ di _________

    p/s; jwpn kpd tmpt kosong jgn publish sini (censored) ;p

  3. eh,mana tau...haha

    yela..nk 'impressed'kn org atas..LOL(kidding)

    saje buat bosan ^^,