Monday, November 15, 2010

where the wave meet the grace

r"Dia membiarkan dua lautan yang satu airnya jernih dan yang satu lagi airnya masin mengalir yang keduanya kemudian bertemu"

Ar-Rahman : 19
laut mediterranean

Peluang untuk ke Rasyid x aku sia-siakn untuk menyaksikan kebenaran keajaiban ayat ini.Plus,frustrated trip 'itu' yang cancel dan smpai skrg xde refund.
K la,Rasyid ni tempat pertemuan antara salah satu cabang Sg.Nil dan Laut Mediterranean.Bayangkan air masin bertemu dgn air tawar??It makes me wonder...

>how does it taste??masin2 tawar ker...( )''
>what happened to the living things inside..does there any imaginary  line of demarcartion for those from the sea cannot enter the river so that there is no disturbance of the population of the river...lalalala..

If anyone does have the answers,please,,,let me know :p.

cuba carik Rasyid katner???:-)
.Ok,talking about Rasyid.It is located just 65km away from Alexandria,so it is about an hour destination.It is also called Rosetta(French) bcoz of the Rosette Stone found here.I'm not sure what is so special about the stone(instead of the Pharaoh) but for sure it is in British museum right now.To be exact there is two stone were sent there..i was like...( heh)"

Rasyid is also famous with Ottoman architectural which still can be seen,some have been renovated.There were about 22 houses left most are 3 stories which some are opened for tourists.You can directly recognized one by seen the bricks in the wall.Unique one!!
typical building of Rashid' town built during Ottoman period

bricks of the wall

fort of Rasyid
the sky also was lovely~~~

kami dah pergi.anda bila lagi??~~

For those Alexandrians,u should visit this place if u haven't.Still lots of thing and places  untold here.


Today,Egypt is celebrating Eid Adha.a day earlier than Malaysia.hmm,how so?..i dunnO.:p.
Frankly speaking,I miss a lots my family right now.Though this will be the 3rd time I'm celebrating eid adha here,seems this is the tough one holding my tears celebarting eid away from them.(ceh,cam ape lak~).

Eid Adha everyone!!
Kullu sannah wa entum toiyyibin!!
Selamat berpuasa Arofah org Malaysia!!

Till here then.^^

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Alhamdulillah,it was 3 weeks since I moved to a new house.Much better from previous one.The price ,a little bit English interiorly designed,located juz 10-15minutes walking from U,no more a walk distance to Fathalla(super market) , can still enjoy the morning fresh air and room lighten by the  reflection of sunrise landed.I like ^^.No more worry waiting for the my 2years-old cousin can ran faster tram,or compete with people waiting for taxi,less money spent of month for food or etc..and enjoy the natural beauty during day time.I like the latter most.Yet, I still miss my previous house.It has a spacious living room where one can even ''guling2'' there and make a 2 years-old kid crying not to go home enjoyed playing around.In fact,it happened,(^^,).Anyhow,I'm glad finally  we managed to find this house after 2months searching operation.:p.

View from previous house taken a day before I moved to my current house.

one morning in Ibrahiemiyah

kabus pagi

malam yang terasa akan pemergian kami ....heh(  )''

 "If life gives you lemon, make a lemonade!!"