Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kita hanya merancang

Yesterday :
Supposed on trip to Jodan-Syria-Lebanon but cancelled after all of the chaos and riots in Egypt.Just after preparing breakfast for my friends(as now few houses are recruited in a house so on everyone will be dutied)
got a call from my friend telling that we(those on trip) will be going to Jordan now!So,I lah!SHOCKED with sudden plan.From there(Jordan) we will gambled for flight's tickets to Malaysia.So this was like an esxpaed-route from Egypt.GUILTY to left my friends there.But then they assured us to just go for at least we can help governments to evacuate Malaysian's students indirect way.....The rest is history.

Currently :
 Safe in Jordan with other 25 students from Egypt.
Waiting for my tickets on 4th to Malaysia.

Later :
In Malaysia insyaAllah on 5th ++
Hoping all of my friend in Egypt will be evacuated to a safer place.(Malaysia of course)
Government,I know u're trying ur best here n there.But please, do as promised.
News.Please don't spread something unsured or undobtful news.Rumours make they (parents and Malaysian) wonder more and us(Malaysian's students) delighting by the hope announced.When it comed for nothing it makes ud depair.Not all, I know.

''We may wont get what we want,but we get what we need''


  1. mar aku doakan semua selamat.amin.

  2. yg masih di irbid,jordanFebruary 4, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    kita hanya merancang,tetapi Allah yg menentukan segalanya,semoga segalanya dipermudahkan,mudah2han rakan2 kita dekat mesir tu selamat,ckup mkn semua,rasa bersalah jugak tglkn dorg,last minute decide nk blik ke x..hopefully dorg semua ok :|

  3. insyaAllah arini da start evacuate dari Alex pulak...hopefully everything is going smoothly..
    rasa bersalah gak tapi kurang2 kita da kurangkan people's worry..dan kita da beli tiket awal2..xsangka boleh jadi mcm ni.Moga2 ini yg terbaik.

  4. yg masih di irbid,jordanFebruary 5, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    kheir insyaAllah,dh ramai yg smpi jeddah,dorg duk asrama tabung haji,mkn hadraul maut hari2,wifi sume de (mengikut laporan yg diterima-bkn dr berita hairan/utusan meloya)hopefully dorg dpt blik naik flight,kesian naik kapal,lame kot haih