Thursday, March 10, 2011

The mysterious Broga


What come across once u heard this word...

An international football player??(my friend thaught so)

A  new u try on Google translate to know the meaning??(one did so)

SMS  pre-wedding photoshoot??

Well,it is a place.a hill.located in small town of Semenyih,Selangor.for those who loves hiking and want it to be a family trip,Broga Hills definitely the is only 1.7km distance to reach the top  so it takes  3.4km to and fro.Not a big number fact there was  a kid 4-years-old i might, together with his brother and father,cracking the track up while I was going down the hill.both the boys looked even more cheerful and energetic in spite of distance which they would be breathless,well, i suppose.

kalau kuat lagi bolehla sampai Gunung Tok Wan;p
next destination.insyaAllah.

How to reach there?
I went there last weekend together along 2 cars with 5 persons per car .’mcm rombongan la pulak’
Most of all because i love hiking,i enjoy doing something adventurous.i bet this might not sound so for others,but for me it when being asked to go for can i dismiss it. Grab the chance!.but of course only after my parents’ permission.

Since we(1st car) went there from KL,so we took MRR2 and escaped it through Kajang susur keluar.and continue driving toward u reached the town,u’ll find a mosque,Masjid Jalan Raja Muda Musa at ur right side.we took off our Subh prayer  and met the other party(the 2nd car)there.ok.back on the road,there is Petronas station just in line with the mosque.not far way,there is a traffic light,take the left junction.jalan ni sunyi sikit.dont panic.About 200-300m driving,there is University Nottingham at the left ni memg selalu jadi landmark kalo org nk pegi Broga.dah x jauh dah tu.continue driving till  u see  a rabbit farm at the driver’s side.palm oil plantation is just in front of it, is where the broga’s hiking begin.since we came on weekend,there were hundreds cars parking along the road and even at the plantation itself.Well,people make business once the place become public’s attraction.So you need to pay rm2 if u’re parking inside(the plantation) and for free if u parked outside(along the road).and YES we love FREE thingy ,let us chose the latter plus we even dont know where shall we started as we were all first timer there,so following behind others was just the best for us!=)

Back to Broga,it is named after a mythical beast.thats all i know.might been something villagers been told from  their ancestors before(oh..bukan utk percaya benda karut marut ).Broga ,the named itself is unique!!back before it is also called Bukit Lalang.once u reached the top,the the long thin grass grows wildly adding the extra point of the self-beautiful –greenery view.cant deny.tapi kalau yang ada kat sebelah rumah tu rasa semak ,rasa nk mesin je kan..and yes,it is not applied on this case.

oh.dah penat bercerita .jom2 tengok gambar!

very breathtaking view
the boys.kecik2 dah panjat bukit =)

the lalangs...

smelled love in the air
together with mak ita aka my aunt aka driver of the day!!

Geng Broga
*looked so nostalgic*

''teringat pesan seorang ustaz waktu tu otw ke wadi arbai'in,kalau kita ke arah satu tempat kita digalakkan bertakbir AllahuAkbar,sesudah balik pula kita bertasbih,Subhanallah''

> bagi sape2 yg berhajat nak panjat Broga,tolong..tolonglah jangan pakai selipar atau apa2 yg tidak berupa kasut.sgt membahyakan org di belakang anda jika anda sedang naik,dan org di depan jika anda sedang turun.
>>Broga,the place i never foget for it itself and the memories potraying.
>>>tajuk entry ..selama ni baca dlm internet ,bila dah pergi..rasa sgt puas,walaupun x sampai puncak ke3..baru tahu how mysterious beautiful it is!=)

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